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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Senior SafeGuard® a home maintenance contractor?
A: No, Senior SafeGuard does not directly provide home and property maintenance services. Senior SafeGuard maintains a comprehensive list of service contractors who have a track record of providing honest, reliable, quality service in the community at a fair price. Senior SafeGuard coordinates receiving necessary service quotes and then after review with appropriate family members, initiates and verifies completion of the work as contracted.

Q: How often does Senior SafeGuard make a visit to check on our family members?
A: The base service level contract includes a weekly visit to check on the well-being of your loved ones, as well as the functionality of their home and its infrastructure. A written report summarizing each visit will be provided. Custom service programs are available.

Q: Does Senior SafeGuard receive any money from the contractors recommended to provide services?
A: No, Senior SafeGuard receives absolutely zero financial benefit or payments from the contractors recommended to provide repair and maintenance services. The contract for service(s) remains strictly between the homeowner and the service provider.

Q: Can Senior SafeGuard visit more or less frequently than once per week?
A: Yes. Please contact Senior SafeGuard to discuss the frequency you’d like to have and we will be glad to set that up for you.

Q: Can Senior SafeGuard find a service provider for me that isn’t on your preferred contractor list?
A: Yes. If you are in need of a specialized contractor, we can find one in the area that provides high quality work at a fair price. We will check references, work history, etc. just as we’ve done with our current list of service providers.

Q: Can Senior SafeGuard respond to an emergency situation until I am able to travel to NE Ohio?
A: Yes. We can provide immediate assistance with an emergency situation until you or another family member are able to travel to NE Ohio to address the situation. This can include staying with your family member, at the hospital for example, helping relay information to you while you are en route.